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Photograph of KL DalyKL Robertson Daly is a Business and Marketing Consultant with more than 20 years of experience in creating strategic alliances, message development, brand identity, marketing strategy creation and execution.  Her client focus is on marketing to women consumers, the development of women owned businesses and the advancement of senior women managers in Fortune 500 Companies.

As a professional speaker, she conducts on-site workshops and seminars for women owned businesses, not-for-profit organizations and corporations.

She is the Co-Chair of the Chicago Chapter of the Brand Activation Association, (BAA) formerly the Promotion Marketing Association. Based on her expertise in the areas of consumer and integrated promotion marketing KL has served as a judge the REGGIE AWARDS and the prestigious International GLOBES Awards.. 

KL is a graduate of the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University and a life member of the Alumni organization.

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